18 Jun 2006

These offers are for one ordinary green pen of the ballpoint variety . If you would like to trade with me for any of these offers, please let me know what you would offer me to trade for it by emailing onematchstick@gmail.com! It will then be much easier for me to decide which item to trade if my next trade is ready to go. Let your imagination go wild! Thanks. T

**********OFFERS FOR one ordinary green pen of the ballpoint variety**********

What would one trade an accountant’s green ball pen for?

I have so much junk I’m not sure which prized piece to offer you.
I suppose presenting a choice is not the way the game works?

I’m going to start with the offer of a fluffy frog…in a leaping pose, flipper flapper feet things sticking out (knees to the breeze!)
It has these beady eyes that look at you wherever you are (kinda like the Mona Lisa… only cheaper)

But wait, there’s more, for one green accountant’s pen ball, you get…

A built in purse with fully zippable zipper

A loop attachment that allows you to thread it onto your belt, (for the fashionable amphibian accessory look)

The Canadian maple leaf stitched to it’s belly in matching red (matching its flipper flapper feet thingies)

It also comes with its original tag saying “Souvenir of/du Canada” (BI- lingual!) and its other stitched-on-tag that says “Made in China, 100% polyester” (also BI lingual, but I won’t bother with the French here as polyester seems to be polyester in French too)

The more I think about it, the more I think you are getting a shweet deal.

This fluffy f(r)iend was the first step I took towards a frog-phobia-free existence but now that I’ve moved onto bigger and better treatment options (NLP!), I feel ready to let it go…

But will you trade him for a pen…?



One Response so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well I’ve decided that I would like the frog actually!

    I have 2 things I would like to trade for the frog. A set of 5 CD’s and an optical mouse. All in good working order. The only thing wrong with the optical mouse is that it’s white and has a cord. After much searching I have finally found a black, wireless mouse and thus am able to release my self from the desk top bounds of a corded mouse, in particular a white one. I have a thing for black mice in case anyone was wondering.

    The CD’s are,

    All-Time Movie Hits (Video Hit Collection `93)
    Cinema Soundtrack-hits
    Filmpalast Superhits
    Carmen (Instrumental version)

    I also have a thing for movie music and opera, just don’t tell anyone!!!

    Lots of love and desperate desire


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