4 Jul 2006

Yip- I met him. Robert Kiyosaki. :) A great mentor and teacher. The man who has 2 dads- one rich and one poor.

Robert came to South Africa this week to do a presentation yesterday for, I'd guess, about 1000 people, with all the proceeds going to NOAH's orphans, a charity for Nurturing Orphans of AIDS for Humanity. This charity, and others like Starfish, were formed in response to the epidemic of orphans we have and will have following the AIDS pandemic in the country. Noah and Starfish, you guys are doing great work, keep it up! Robert and his wife Kim also made a donation on the day, so shot to you as well!

See- here I am with Robert.

Kiyosaki and Telana

Unfortunately he was too busy signing books to chat to me, because I would have liked to have thanked him for one line in his book, "Cashflow Quadrants". That line has helped me stick it out in tough times while getting my business off the ground. The line is: “You can quit anytime, so why quit now?" And I would have also liked to have asked him his opinion on this trading project of mine. I wonder what he would have said? Robert, if you read this, do pop me an email , thanks!

Robert and Kim really seemed to like our country- Robert spoke about us being a highly entrepreneurial nation, he commented on the number of people that tried to sell him stuff at the traffic lights! And his recommendation was for us to grow as a nation, we need even more entrepreneurs. So wow, how do we grow even more entrepreneurs here? There are competitions to win funding for the best business plans, plenty of talk shows on the radio about business and entrepreneurs, trainings, and lots of opportunities waiting to be tapped. There are even people trading matchsticks for offices ;)

Talking about trades… been mulling over which offer to accept. Which one would you take, hmmm? Add a comment or send me an email with your suggestions. Or even better yet, send me another offer for Rodrigus (who went away this weekend... I’ll update you later on his adventures!)


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