16 Jul 2006

These offers are for Jack, Mike and Reg. If you would like to trade with me for any of these offers, please let me know what you would offer me to trade for it by emailing onematchstick@gmail.com! It will then be much easier for me to decide which item to trade if my next trade is ready to go. Let your imagination go wild! Thanks. T

**********OFFERS FOR Jack, Mike and Reg**********
Hi Telana, what about 3 Mens Jackets? You can come and have a look at them. Johan
I'll offer you two cases of "First Sighting" Wine. let me know, Nick.
Hi T, would you be interested ina vacuum cleaner to swap for your books? The vacum cleaner is a Singer, a small one. Probably cost me around R250, but I must warn you. It only works for small houses as if you use it for too long it overheats and stops and you have to let it cool down till u can use it again. Might not be what you are looking for. Later, Bryan
Hi Telana , I have a stainless steel thermo mug to offer you for the books, this will ensure you have a steaming hot mug of coffee while on the move . Gary
I'll swop you that bottle of Absolut Vodka I originally offered for your matchstick for the guys! H
Hello Telana
I'll trade an exclusive invitation to attend the launch of my book in August (see attached brochure ED- PS- I couldn't work out how to add the brochure to my blog, so below is what the brochure says without the pretty picture) for Jack, Mike and Reg plus an e-book version of it.
Yusuf Mahomedy (CA(SA), CPA(SA), AdvTax
Work Radical www.worksucks.co.za
If you are an employer grappling with staff issues, a dissatisfied employee determined to get ahead, an entrepreneur seeking talent, a HR professional on the frontlines or a job seeker running in circles, this experience could be a defining moment in your life.

WORKSUCKS MAKE WORK, WORK is a radical guide for any South African employee trying to make sense of their organisation, career and job. It is written for the fed up or so-so employee who needs to learn not about working but the work behind the scenes to make a success of it.
This book will assist you to tackle the tough questions
• What are the gripes that define your experience of work?
• Why are you losing so badly?
• What can you do immediately in your current situation?
• What lesson are you missing in the employment relationship?
• How do you deal with people from the dark side?
• How do you solve rampant work problems?
• What happens to fulfilment, fame and fortune?

The Free Bonus Package included in the book provides additional information,
insight and interaction for the reader to
1. Book Launch
Official launch of the WORKSUCKS – Make Work, Work the book with background information, introductions and surprises.

2. From Worksucks to Make Work, Work Seminar
In this fast paced seminar, you will take an unconventional tour of working in SA that covers organisations, the HR department, careers, employment, performance, people, pay, recognition and trends.

3. Networking
If you are job hunting or looking for talent, this is an opportunity to interact with
prospective employers or engage talented employees.

In the past decade,Yusuf Mahomedy (CA(SA), CPA(SA), AdvTax)) has accumulated a wealth of expertise around the new work economy. His professional background combined with experience in a small practice, tax consulting in a ‘Big 4’ firm and heading the remuneration department at a telecoms group; provides a multidisciplinary lens on the business of work. He founded WORKSUCKS in 2004, a unique venture to assist corporates, small business and employees, ‘Make Work, Work’ in rather unconventional ways. A self professed ‘Work Radical’, he wears several hats – reward consultant, employees tax specialist, coach, futurist and sometimes, undefined ones.

Nu Metro Theatre, Village Walk, Sandown
17 August 2006, Thursday

Fee per participant R 149
The all inclusive fee of just R149 includes VAT, the book launch, seminar, networking and refreshments. Limited autographed copies of the book will be available for sale on the day.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Telana ,

    I have a stainless steel thermo mug to offer you for the books,this will ensure you have a steaming hot mug of coffee while on the move .


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