5 Sep 2006

My CRAZY crazy auction starts tomorrow. In about 18 hours, actually.

I’m quite keen to see how it goes. Do you think anyone will bid for a matchstick?

Auctions are an interesting means of selling things, I think. Because the buyers get to decide what the item is worth- there’s no way you can decide for them. You can make suggestions with your starting bid amount, but ultimately if there are no bids but lots of views of your auction, then the market is saying that they don’t think your item is worth what you are asking.

So what is one matchstick which is part of a little experiment, worth? What will the “market” say it is worth? It’ll be interesting to see.

If you want to tell me what you think my second one matchstick is worth, then do make a bid tomorrow by clicking here. If you’re just curious like me as to what’s going to happen, then be sure to point your browser here to watch the auction action.

My starting bid is R1:00, and there’s no reserve price (which means there is no mimimum amount I will accept for the matchstick)!

So come on Wednesday- Crazy Auction Day! Let the bidding begin!


PS- you can read why I am auctioning off my matchstick (not the one I'm trading here- another one) at one matchbox.

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