9 Nov 2006

I've just seen the first Christmas advert on TV... and yesterday I noticed that bidorbuy has holly on it's logo... It's already that time of year again.

Well, right now all I want for Christmas is to trade up the Holiday in Utopia for something. There have been a few rumours of possible offers, none concrete enough to share with you yet. So I'm holding thumbs that some offers will come in sometime soon... I am learning that patience is a key part to this game!

I've also had 2 different people comment to me in the last few days about how this trading is all about perceived value:- How something that one person perceives at un-valuable might be valuable to another person. Value in an experience or an object is purely subjective.

So do you have something you would offer me that you don't find valuable anymore, that if you could get a holiday in exchange for it, that it would be well worth the swap to you? Anything? If it makes it easier to make an offer, know that you can retract the offer anytime before the actual exchange is made, and that your offer might not be the one I choose- because after all, I'll be deciding on which offer will give me the most leverage later on...

So how creative can you be? Make me an offer! And allow me the opportunity to perceive what value I might see in it!


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