3 Feb 2007

One matchstick is in the Women Inc magazine!

Women Inc Article

Laaaast year I met the editor Rachel and she asked me to write a bit about my trading journey, and voila! They published the story! :) Exciting stuff! Check it out in Volume 2 Issue 2!

I think Women Inc is quite an exciting magazine- they call themselves the "Complete Resource for the Working Woman" and I have always found their articles useful and interesting. And for all the men out there who read my blog, they have just released a mag for the men- called "Every Man"- it's worth a look too! And Rachel's started a blog, so lots happening with this new magazine!

The best thing about this article was chatting to and getting to know Rachel a bit more- what an entrepreneurial woman! Actually the best part of this trading journey has been the people- people I have traded with, people I have met along the way who have helped me- like Dave from Raw Penguin who taught me a few blogging tricks (he's quite brill actually!); and Heino from Everyday Hardware who sold me paint for my mischief making; and new friends like Chris.

So I wonder who I'll be meeting next! Will it be you? If so, get in touch on onematchstick@gmail.com


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