6 Feb 2007

Ok- so I've been asking people off line if they would trade something for a holiday, and the number one question is "What would I trade you?" My answer is just about anything! Be a dare devil and take a chance offering what ever you think of!

So here are some ideas... Because the value (not necessarily monetary value) to you of the item you offer should be less than the value of the holiday, or equivalent, but to me, it just might be of more value. And we'll never know until you make me an offer.

So how about offering me one or two or plenty of the following:

  • Lawn mower
  • Cash
  • Collection of old CD’s
  • Deluxe Fly swatter
  • Auto-graphed cricket bat
  • Haircuts for a year
  • Jet ski
  • Another holiday
  • Offices
  • A gym membership that is transferable that you never use
  • Rent for 6 months
  • A makeover
  • A painting that you no longer like
  • A day at a spa
  • A laptop
  • Washing machine
  • Quad bike
  • Your collection of Spiderman comics
  • A bicycle that is sitting collecting dust
  • A service that you offer, or product that you sell

You can get a few friends together -the holiday sleeps 5 easily, so you could get 4 other friends and you all go during the week.

Or get 9 other friends to come up with something to offer me, and then 5 of you take one weekend, and the other 5 take the other weekend! I am sure 10 heads together could come up with a brilliant offer!

It's also an ideal getaway for a family, so what a family project to chat about at the dinner table about what you could offer me?

So come on, make me an offer! Leigh recently made an offer of a whole box of matches for the holiday! Who knows, maybe I'll take it and start trading more matches...

So contact me and make an offer- call or sms on 083 730 2979 or email on onematchstick@gmail.com - even skype me when I’m online at telanas- it's easy to get hold of me!

Looking forward to some offers!

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