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I've been “ninja’ed”!

A member of a forum I was chatting on today ninja'ed me! He said:

/me ninjas Telana
/me greets the ninja'ed Telana

If anyone can translate that for me into English I can understand, I'd appreciate it! I'm not sure if I should be concerned or excited that I've been ninja'ed!

You can read the forum here if you want...

And my auctions are going well- I've already made a profit on the dolphins! yayy!

Ninja T
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Matchstick auction makes the news!

Check this out- my one matchBOX idea got mentioned in this article- where I auctioned off a matchstick for R51:00!

I’ve been trying to bid on something for R51:00 but have not been successful! I keep getting outbid! So now I’ve sourced some nifty items offline, and will be auctioning them off on Wednesday 24th January - this week- check them out below

The HONEST Lighter

The Dolphin Mobile

Auctioneer Telana
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The shoes have gone!

Yes! I drove past the spot today and ALL the shoes have gone! Including the one pair that we were trying to work out how long they had been there for... I wonder if it was that hectic hailstorm that we had a few days ago that knocked them off... or if someone actually took them down...

And it's not the only place that I have seen shoes hanging on a line... last Friday I went to Rustenburg to the Platinum Mines for a big project I am doing there, and on the way I passed Diepsloot and saw these shoes on a line:

More shoes on a line

So there must be a reason people throw shoes up there to hang for ages until some force takes them down again.

Anyways... on my way back from Rustenburg, I was behind this caravan for a bit:

Driving along...

and notice what he does not do! (you might have to click on the photo to get a larger version to read it). And he meant it- he never budged one bit! lol!

Have a fab week!

My first movie!

Rodrigus the Frog, my third trade, sure has been travelling!

Do you know that he has been taken to China towards the end of last year? He's even been to a copper mine in Chile! And he came with me on my trip to the UK: to London, Dunstanburgh Castle, met the Town Hall Keeper of Berwick, and made a new friend Paul. He also travelled again with Alix and me to the Portuguese Island.

Check out his adventures on his blog, and if you want to take him travelling, just let me know- I'm his official Travel Planner!

On the trip down to Durban for the cruise, we came across the most trucks we have ever seen. And it's my first attempt at a movie! Check it out here:

What do you think? Am I any good?

I've got another offer!

Yayyyy!! How exciting! I've been offered a bottle of geniune Pisco... all the way from Chile! My second offer! I had to wiki it to learn that it's liquor which is made from grapes, a kind of brandy!

So what will you offer me for the holiday? Or for the bottle of Pisco if I traded the holiday for it?

Let me know by email or call or sms on +27 83 730 2979 or skype on telanas or ICQ on 102-882-611! Or you can leave a comment here.


Who’s up for adventure?

On Monday I had dinner with Nick who traded some of his First Sighting wine with me, remember? He asked me if he was famous yet from being blogged…

Well, I was reading more about his wine here. If First Sighting goes well with Adventure, then an adventure must be born....

And that adventure is: Why not go visit the Winery down in the Cape between Elim and Cape Agulhas? I’ve added it to my list of places to visit. It’s a place to go to, just so you can say you’ve been to the southern most wineyard in Africa, and had a fine glass of adventure to taste the terroir (another big wine word) where it is tangible, and experience the spirit of discovery.

And it’s only 9km from the sea! (directions are easy) I know the sea there is lovely, I’ve travelled passed there, not knowing about Agulhas Wines then.

Plus it gives you the chance to say: “Hey, there it is! My first sighting of First Sighting!” That’s a saying worth saying at least once, don’t you think?

So let’s see if we can get a whole bunch of people to go there for an adventurous taste of First Sighting- and be sure to say that you heard about the wine from onematchstick- that way when the message gets back to Nick, he can see how being blogged can be fun- and make him famous! Let's see if we can create a message that goes from this blog, down to the winery, then all the way back to Nick in Johannesburg!

Be sure to keep me in the loop about your adventure!


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