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I've got another offer for the Holiday!

"5kg jar of jelly beans in the colours that are your favourite!" That's a lot of jelly beans, hey!

Lorraine also says that she would take people on the holiday with her who have never had the chance to do something like that before! What a lovely gesture!

So... do you have a thing for jelly beans? If so, let me know and we'll see if that helps me decide if I should accept this offer or not.... I've still got the Juvio training CD's, the box of matches and possibly some artwork (still waiting to hear from the person what artwork she is offering)... and I have a plan that I want to explore... it's an "out of the box" kinda approach to move the holiday!

So thanks Lorraine for the offer, I'll let you know soon what I choose to trade for!

Mielie signs

Easter has come and gone already!

I had a great break in Clarens over Easter- took Rodrigus with so he could see the funky little town and also Golden Gate nearby. You can read about it on Rodrigus the frogs blog here.

All on the way to Clarens, along the roadside, where signs saying "Dis mos... mielies" next to fields of mielies! What's that about? Are there that many tourists that go on that road to Clarens who have never seen Mielies and need signs to point them out? But then again, if they are tourists, they probably don’t understand Afrikaans... so what's with these signs, hmm?

Mielie Signs

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Deadline time

Ok. My creative side has been working hard, and I’ve come up with an idea on trading my holiday.

I have two possible offers that I’m waiting for confirmation of, and I’ll have followed up with those by Wednesday, hopefully. If they come through then it's decision time about the offers I have received. If nothing comes of those leads, then I’ll be executing my inventive idea on trading this holiday.

So- I foresee that before the end of April, I’ll have made my next trade.

If you’ve been thinking of going to Utopia- now is the time to make me an offer! Otherwise, watch this space for news- it's gonna be exciting stuff!

Have a fab week!

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