17 Feb 2008

I found gumtree.com yesterday, and got some new offers through it! It continues to amaze me the amount of sites you can advertise on, and which ones actually get results!! If I learn nothing else from this trading project (and I’m learning LOTS!), I'll know which sites are active and actually 'work' in what they were developed to do!! How useful, hey?!

So, more offers have been made! Yayyy!!! They range from:

A weekend to any City Lodge in SA!

To a Rolex Watch.

To fancy motorbike (well fancy to me because I know nothing about motorbike accessories!) Shoei Helmets!

To a Sony PlayStation with games and a cell phone and Spiderman!!!

And more cellphones!

Check out all the details of these offers on my offer page by clicking here.

And I'm thinking that a deadline for accepting offers is materialising in my mind... So watch this space! It's getting close to the time to make my next trade :)


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