28 Sep 2008

The Italian Stallion came to town, visiting from Milan. I met him through an X-boyfriend. I met that X at Twenty30 where we were both volunteers. Another friend of the X and the Italian Stallion- they all studied together- joined us for dinner to catch up with the Italian Stallion. This friend turns out to be going out with Claire and was fortunately in town that night, so brought Claire with to meet the Italian Stallion. So that's how I met Claire and traded the cash.

But it gets even more synchronistically (is that a word?) interesting, as my life with it's many synchronous moments led all the way up to that evening when I met Claire.

So through the Italian Stallion who I met through my X who I met at Twenty-30 is where the link carries on. I found out about Twenty-30 through the Starfish Foundation, which I found out about through my gorgeous-and-clever-friend. Gorgeous-and-clever-friend became my friend after she hired me for a job at Nando's as a coach. I applied for that job because I was looking for a training job, to get points for a Visa to visit Aussie-boyfriend at the time who lived in Sydney. I met Aussie-boyfriend at a Ceroc dance class when I lived in Sydney...

Zoom back to when I was born in a hospital that no longer exists in Johannesburg. My parents were building their dream house and shortly after I was born we moved into this house.

Our neighbours who soon built their dream house right next door to us had a daughter. My neighbours' daughter and I became best friends. My neighbours decided a few years later that this house was no longer their dream house, and a house down the other side of the same street was now their dream house. So they moved.

I went off to school. Then high school, which is when I changed schools and went to the same school as my childhood-best-friend/old-neighbour. My childhood-best-friend/old-neighbour had neighbours too, including twins, who I got to know a bit. The twins and their family emigrated to Australia.

Turns out the Aussie-boyfriend who I fell in love with on the ceroc dance floor was one of the twins.

So it is amazing how life has a way of leading you to be right where you need to be in this moment.

Now I just need a synchronous moment to lead me to my next trade!

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  1. Nice to meet you Talana, and hope that you get to your office space.

    Be well and looking forward to chatting again soon :)

  2. Lia says:

    Beautiful story! :)

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