6 Sep 2008

When I still had the cash to trade, Luke offered me his 'chick magnet father'!

Yip- if the hot air balloon flight hadn't come along as it did, then this might have been an option.

So, since I took up the balloon and not the chick magnet, Luke has decided to continue with selling his dad. His advert on gumtree is:

I'm selling my dad for a dinner date... he's single, the women think he is gorgeous, high standards, good morals, fabulous personality, 6' 3, fit, energetic... make me an offer. e-mail for photos.
Well, in the process of looking into the offers for the cash I had already asked Luke for a photo- you've got to check out the merchandise before you buy you know!- and so I'll give you a sneak peak at some photos:

So- if anyone reading this knows of someone who needs a dinner-date, or is in need of a date themselves, make Luke an offer!

PS- I can't help wonder if Luke's Dad knows about this?

One Response so far.

  1. I am That says:

    Noooo...!! You made a bad deal there Telana. Should have gone with Luke's offer. I'm sure it would have taken you further!

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