5 Oct 2010

A while ago I was asked to share my one matchstick story with 700 of our brightest students at the Student Village Womens Leadership Conference. That led me to trade with Alon and Pepe for my flights to Durban and Cape Town to present at the conference there.

At the Johannesburg conference, Charlene and Krilona from Microsoft were in the audience.

Charlene contacted me a few days later asking if I would share my story again with her, her colleague Vis, and their team at Microsoft. I said "YES! As long as we trade for it!"
They said "YES!" too! And I had such fun chatting to them all :)

Collecting the Xbox from Charlene at Microsoft

So here is the three-way trade between us all:

One Xbox 360 Arcade on offer

I have on offer a super duper brand new Xbox 360 Arcade with 256MB of memory so you can store your favourite games and play more!

Need I say more? For those that need the details, check wiki here.

Lovely Xbox up for a one matchstick auction!

How this Three-Way is going to work:

Charlene and Vis have given me the Xbox to trade for 5 of my Springleap T-shirts. I need to find someone who wants the Xbox and will put up the cash for the T-shirts.

Now since Charlene and Vis started talking with me, I sneakily mentioned online that I thought I was going to get an Xbox to trade on, and some of my friends and followers have already started contacting me to trade with me for this Xbox! It's in hot demand!

So: even though the team at Microsoft only want five T-shirts for this Xbox, I am going to trade with whoever offers to pay for the most T-shirts for the Xbox. We're going to have a one matchstick Auction (bidorbuy style!) where the currency is Springleap T-shirts!

Bear in mind that this Xbox is worth R2499.00.
Each T-shirt is worth R183 and then there is shipping too (R36 for first 5 T-shirts, and then additional R5 per T-shirt).

So- opening "bid" in the currency of Springleap T-shirts is five T-shirts (which, with shipping, is a value of R951).

Bid increments is one Springleap T-shirt (R183 plus extra R5 for shipping of that T-shirt) which is a value of R188.

Other rules:
Auction opens now, and closes today at 17:00.
Bids must be placed in writing.
Highest bid received by 17:00 today wins.
If two or more people place the same bid, timing takes preference: whoever places that bid first will count.
If the winning bidder defaults, that is, doesn't pay up within 48 hours, then they are disqualified and it goes to the runner up bidder.

Get it?
  • Opening bid is 5 T-shirts – R951
  • Next bid would be 6 T-shirts – R951 + an extra R188, totalling R1139
  • Next bid would be for 7 T-shirts – R1139 + an extra R188, totalling R1327
  • Auction closes at 17:00 today- that's 17h00 on Wednesday 6 October 2010
  • Highest bid wins.
So… Uhummmhmm *clearing my throat to get my best auction-ing voice ready*

I have a super duper brand new Xbox 360 Arcade with 256MB of memory.
Opening bid is five T-shirts.
Who will give me five T-shirts?
Five T-shirts?
Going? To the highest bidder!

To place your bids you need to contact me in writing by:
Tweeting me @telana
Leaving a comment on this post.
Sms'ing me on 0837302979
Emailing me on onematchstick@gmail.com

This one matchstick auction ends 17:00 today! So BID NOW!

Once we've finalised the value of the Xbox, as in how many T-shirts the winning bid is, then:
- the winner will put up the cash and get the Xbox,
- The team at Microsoft will get the Springleap T-shirts
- I'll have less T-shirts to trade on!

Super duper fly!

One Response so far.

  1. Telana says:

    So the winning bidder was @Craiglubbe! He won the Xbox for 8 Springleap Tshirts!

    cool beans!

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