25 Jan 2011

I'm on a mission of note to finish my tenth trade by the end of February, and the ideas have been flying in of how to reach the 158 people I still need to meet to trade with, for my last 158 Springleap T-shirts!

You'll have noticed the "Stash or stack the Castles" idea, and the onematchstick Bachelor and Bachelorette reality-internet-projects that are underway, and today onematchstick took part in 555Tshirts. I've got a few more ideas up my (t-shirt) sleeve, and those you'll see taking shape over the next few weeks.

Today though is about Jonathan Kapelus wearing a 555Tshirts' T-shirt sponsored by onematchstick. I'm experiencing such support of my dream, that it is always a privilege to be a part of someone else's dream (and I do so enjoy it too!)

555tshirts - Jonathan Kapelus

555Tshirts is a "socially responsible marketing experiment". Jonathan will be wearing five hundred and fifty five sponsored T-shirts over the next 2 years, and will be giving away over R3 million to worthy causes! Each person or business that sponsors a T-shirt, gets to have what ever they want on the T-Shirt for the day, and Jonathan will also be promoting whatever the sponsor wants for the day. The sponsor also gets to nominate a charity for the day, which gets exposure too, and its share of funds raised through 555Tshirts.

I managed to nab T-shirt number 002! And so Jonathan has been wearing a T-shirt with onematchstick on it all day. He's also been handing out my matchstick business cards, and tonight is at the Silicon Cape networking event to help me find more people who will trade with me.

The Charity that I nominated is the Stroke Survivors Foundation, which my friend Ray Chaplin (Adventurer, campaigner and educator) introduced me to. Ray is the support for George Scola, one of the founders who is walking 2400 km's for his "Bring it on" campaign. George has survived a stroke, and has now walked 2000 km's of his goal to raise awareness for the Stroke Survivors Foundation.

Ray, George and Rod in the Citizen Newspaper

Rod the Frog (my second trade) even joined George and Ray for a few weeks and on his trip he helped them with a few fundraising ideas and he found his soulmate, Antoinette.

If you'd like to sponsor one of Jonathan's T-shirts, then get in touch with him via his website or twitter!

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