14 Jan 2011

Ok, so a while ago we came up with the fab idea of running "The Bachelor, onematchstick Edition" to help me trade my T-shirts. That Bachelor has since found romance over the holidays, before we got to get it all going.

I've tweeked the idea a bit more and now I am looking for another Bachelor. And it seems there is interest in there also being a Bachelorette! So applications are now open to find the onematchstick Bachelor and Bachelorette.

If you are a single guy or gal in Johannesburg looking for love, comfortable being talked about online and being in a youtube video or two, willing to buy one of my Springleap T-shirts if you are chosen (it'll cost you R219), and want to take part, apply asap. Applications close by midnight Tuesday next week (18 January 2011).

The Bachelor & The Bachelorette- onematchstick Edition

Once we have our Bachelor and Bachelorette, they will need to trade with me for one of my T-shirts, and then I'll be sharing information about them with the world. Then the guys that would like a date with the Bachelorette, and the girls who'd like a date with the Bachelor, need to get in touch with me and trade with me for one of my T-shirts, plus make a 30 second video of themselves, to get to meet the Bachelor or Bachelorette.

We'll be throwing a cocktail party for some mingling to take place (dresscode will be Springleap T-shirts, of course), and then the Bachelor and Bachelorette will then choose who - out of all those who bought T-shirts to come meet them at the cocktail party - will then get to go on the date with them. It looks like I might even have the date with dinner, champagne and candle light sponsored at Joburgs best pizza spot- (tbc asap)!

So: who wants to apply to be the onematchstick Bachelor? And which lucky girl will be the onematchstick Bachelorette? You never know, besides getting a new T-shirt, having some fun and making some new friends, you just might find love….

To apply: tell me in 140 characters or less why you should be the onematchstick Bachelor or Bachelorette, and send your applications to onematchstick@gmail.com or tweet me at @telana or facebook me. Remember, applications close at midnight on Tuesday 18 January!

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