10 Jul 2006

What a weekend! Italy won the World Cup. Roger Federer won the Wimbeldon title again, for the 4th time. Kyle got his house! And Rodrigus had his first sight of over 130 Ferrari’s!

Yes, you heard me right: Kyle Macdonald of oneredpaperclip has got his house! He has traded his one red paperclip up and now has a house! 503 Main Street, Kipling, Saskatchewan, Canada, Earth. Awesome Kyle! Congratulations!

So for me this is so exciting, because I really believe that if another human being can do something, any other human being can do it too - it’s humanly possible! So that means that it’s definitely possible- and now probable- that I’ll turn my one matchstick into offices! And then I’ll get to help a fellow entrepreneur get wings for his or her dream! All I need now is for South Africa to come on board and help me make this dream come true! So, who’s keen to trade something for my latest item up for trade: Rodrigus the frog?

Talking of Rod, he’s starting to get some great stories to tell. Like on Saturday Gary and my mom Adele took him to the Kyalami Race track for the Ferrari Day! They got to see everything Ferrari, from novice drivers taking their Ferraris for a burn, to the pro’s from the Ferrari Challenge Series who raced around the track.

Rod_cars 008

Here's Rod on a Ferrari, and that's Gary and my Mom in the reflection!

There was one Ferrari that was white- and Mom was disappointed in that, for after all, how can a Ferrari come in any colour other than that brilliant Ferrari red? As cartorque.co.za says in their article about the Ferrari Day: "Ferraris are fast, they are beautiful and they are Italian, which means they have a fair degree of what is fondly known as "temperament". And perhaps they fact that most of them are painted in brilliant red has something to do with it.” I agree.

I would have loved to have been there to hear that unique vvvrooooommmminng roar of those Ferraris as they sped around the track, but I was otherwise engaged in business discussions that will, with some effort, lead to me having the choice to be the one making those vvvrooooommmminng roars in something red ;) Here's a clip of some of the Ferraris- I now have got to get a camera that records sound (I wonder if someone will trade me one for a matchstick? ;)

Gary recently retired, and timed it perfectly so that he could be one of the biggest spectators I know, of the World Cup! He watched every single match that was broadcast over these last 30 days! How’s that for a fan? He’s now thinking of coming out of his early retirement, to do a bit of work, as there’s nothing left to keep him glued to that box anymore… So anyone got a job for Gary (that doesn’t require an office- he’d prefer to work outdoors), let me know and I’ll hook you up with him.

So with that kind of weekend, this week is sure to be an exciting one. Oh, and Gary just said to mention that if anyone has any ideas for Rod’s next adventure, then be sure to add a comment!

Have a great week!

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