2 Aug 2006

Linda Hart and Rodrigus the Frog are back from London! They got back last week, just as my ADSL line went down for a few days, so only getting to update you now.... (I would like to really thank Khumo from Telkom who spent his weekend working on our line to get it back up and running!) Anyway, here's what Linda had to say about their trip:

Hallo Telana
Two pictures from London of Rod the frog and his travels. Its been 30 degrees and above the last week in london and we both melted - needing to drink ale, champagne and whatever else came to hand that was cold! Ice had run out and water in short supply for us both.

Rodrigus and Linda outside the V&A London

Attended the modernism exhibition at the V& A which was brilliant and of course our first civil partnership between my dear friends Robert van den Hurk and Kirk Bloomgarden. They have been together 17 and a half years and have now decided to legalise their relationship as permitted under British law. The "Wedding ceremony" was held at the historic Petersham Hotel in Richmond Surrey, overlooking the Thames on another blisteringly hot day. Rod caused quite a stir amongst the international guest list.

Rodrigus with Linda, Robert and Kirk Speak Soon, Linda Hart

So I wonder where Rod will get to travel to next? Would you like to take him somewhere?
let me know!

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  1. Gary says:

    wow , that's hot for London , Rod must of had a good few ales to quench his thirst - anyone going to Alaska so he can cool down !

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