26 Aug 2006

Well, this trading thing is sure fascinating me at the moment. I’m amazed at the possibilities it opens! I’ve traded and bartered quite a bit over the years, and especially with getting my business going. My latest trade has really been exciting though (and that’s after the excitement of trading to get the 2 cases of wine up for offer right now).

Mike Gray was taking part in a training I was running for a few people- we were meeting every second Monday night and working through the Wealth Building training I run. It’s a great course, in that it covers all the findings Dr Michael Hall has exposed from his many years of modelling the structure of many millionaires minds, and his research into creating wealth. But I digress- as I do when I start on a topic that captivates me!

So Mike took part in the course, and during the few months of meeting every 2 weeks, he heard about my onematchstick project. A couple of days later- which was a few weeks ago - I got an email from Mike offering me a temporary office at his offices, which is the head office of Uniglobe Travel. And in exchange, I could take his management team through a coaching programme. Well what an offer!!

After going and having a look at the office, and speaking more to Mike about his coaching needs, we agreed that it’s a great Win-Win for both of us, and I moved in! I thought I’d mention it to you when it was all final and confirmed.

And this Thursday just been I had a few friends and my family over to “launch” Inner Coaching’s new Temporary Office. It’s now “home” until I finish trading my onematchstick for my OWN offices, with space to still mentor another fellow start-up entrepreneur! So don’t think that I’m giving up my onematchstick project- no sur-reee-bob! This project is just so much fun – and I don’t give up on ideas with funtential - plus I have a vision of my own offices. So it’s still full speed ahead with trading, and this is a great stepping stone towards that!

So how exciting! Wooohooo! If you’d like to pop by sometime to say hi, just give me a buzz on +27 83 730 2979 to make sure I’m there and not with a client, or doing some work at my home office (still doing a bit at home every now and again) and I’ll make you a cup of coffee, or tea if you’d prefer! I even have water to offer you! It’ll be great to have visitors! The address is:

Inner Coaching at UNIGLOBE Travel SA Offices
2nd Floor, 3 Kramer Road,
South Africa

See ya then!

PS- our phone line is down again… so if I’m a bit quiet- it’s because I can't get access to the net to blog! Telkom- pleeeeez come and fix our line again! Thanks

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