16 Sep 2006

And there were no new offers :(

Well, just one tentative offer which looked unusual. It was for a big carpet of some sort by Vernon. He had a look at the carpet earlier in the week, and found that it was a lot dirtier than he thought. He'd left it in the garage and it got wet and mouldy. He organised for it to be cleaned on Friday afternoon, but then let me know today at 10:48 that unfortunately the carpet cleaning was unsuccessful. However, he did say that if I was interested in trading for what can best be described as a "biological experiment in fungi growth", then he's got just the thing for me.

Thanks Vernon, I'll give that experiment a miss. But if anyone would like it, then let me know and I'll get you in touch with Vernon to make a trade.

So I called up Claire, and she was thrilled that I accepted her offer of 1 week or 2 weekends at their cottage in the Magaliesburg. She had a taste of First Sighting recently and thinks it's just a superb wine, so it's a great trade! I’ll be popping over to her place, which it turns out is just down the road from me, to make the trade tomorrow morning. So more info then!

If you're keen for a bit of a holiday then- start thinking of what you'd like to trade for it! I'm accepting offers!

Exciting stuff!

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