1 Sep 2006

Douglas Kruger of 702
Well, this project has got to be officially launched now. Douglas Kruger announced the launch of onematchstick on 702 this morning as he interviewed me!

Yip, I got up at 4:00 in the morning to be at the 702 Talk Radio studio by just after 5:00, and we had a great chat about one matchstick. We also spoke a bit about the new name change of our Johannesburg International Airport, and it seemed that quite a few of the listeners agreed with me, that we could do so much more with all the money that goes into changing a name. It's a touchy debate, it seemed, from the callers calling in.

It was interesting, too, as Douglas asked me if there was any connection between this matchstick idea and the work I do, and you know, I think there is.

You see, a matchstick has the potential to light a candle, or a bon fire! That one single match can lead to two very different outcomes. It’s just about applying the inherit potential of the match to the right circumstances, and you can have either candle light, or a huge bonfire that you can’t even walk up close to, it’s so hot!

And that’s like the work I do, facilitating people to access their resources, their inherent matchsticks, and to strike them in the right circumstances, so that they can create bonfires with their lives! Or candle light, if that’s what they choose. But they have the choice and know how and when to strike their matches.

It was an interesting half an hour with Douglas in the studio. I’m always amazed when I’ve been interviewed, at the technology and the number of people behind making a radio show. Douglas had about 4 computer screens open in front of him, lots of buttons and mouse’s (what’s the plural for more than one computer mouse?) and his producer in the room next door. After Douglas’s show was John Robbie’s show, with about 4 other people helping him. We then walked down the hall to the 94.7 Rude Awakening Team, passing Whack-head Simpson on the way (and no, I don’t think he’s any relation of mine, even if we’re both a bit wacky sometimes) and that’s also a big team working on that show!

Anyway, it’s great getting to talk on radio! Thanks Douglas for the opportunity! Douglas has a great Radio personality, and I’ve enjoyed his shows in the past- although I must admit I am not often up at 4:00 in the morning to hear him now that he’s on 702. Douglas is also a terrific public speaker- did you know that he was number 2 in the WORLD for public speaking? And the South African Champion for 2004? He was telling me that he’s just launched his book on public speaking too, so I’ll have to check it out. It's called "50 Ways to Become a Better Speaker".

Well, after that exciting start to my day, it’s back to work now.
Have a FAB Spring day!

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  1. Zhenn says:

    Have met Doug before when I was promoting one of my own initiatives, he's impromptu conversation skills are seriously impressive.

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