24 Jan 2007

A member of a forum I was chatting on today ninja'ed me! He said:

/me ninjas Telana
/me greets the ninja'ed Telana

If anyone can translate that for me into English I can understand, I'd appreciate it! I'm not sure if I should be concerned or excited that I've been ninja'ed!

You can read the forum here if you want...

And my auctions are going well- I've already made a profit on the dolphins! yayy!

Ninja T

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  1. Telana says:

    Hey! Another new friend Chris emailed me an explanation of what to be "ninja'd" means:

    "It means you have been invited, ie you have been invited to something of sort, or been accepted to something. E.G, with a certain internet network of geeks, once you have been ninja'ed, it means you have been invited to join thier network, and have therefore been accepted into the group. You also perhaps have to look at the context it was said in. Geekology. Hope that explains it better."

    Thanks Chris :)

  2. Lourens says:

    Haha, Don't worry Telana! I'm a member of the MyBroadband/MyADSL community and we use the "ninja" ritual to welcome new members to the site and forum like so:

    /me ninjas Telana
    /me greets the ninja'ed Telana
    Welcome to the MyADSL Forums! :D

    I think that the person just forogt to add the 3rd line above ;-)

    Ld13 - MyADSL Member

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