30 May 2007

It seems the latest Internet craze to hit South Africa, or at least my friends here in SA, is facebook.com. Funny thing is I've been telling them for ages about these cool sites that allow you to link with others, find nifty groups to belong to, share ideas with like minded peeps, get in touch with long lost friends and keep up to date. And it's taken facebook to get them to have a taste of what I've been going on about (I think some of them thought they had lost me to the world of the internet until they've now become lost).

The other site that I just found is twitter.com. So I'm a twitter now too. With this site though, I'm amazed at how people find the time to keep updating their status so regularly... Don't know if I’ll be a frequent twitter-er... time will tell!

So if you're wondering what I'm going on about, check out facebook.com and add me as a friend (search for Telana)! And then also on twitter (I need a few more friends on twitter- only got one so far!) But I warn you- it is addictive!


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