30 Nov 2007

One of the most-needed, frivolous, useful yet unimportant items that you've just got to have is a fridge magnet.

This device comes in all shapes and sizes, and often nowadays appears as a rectangular magnetic piece of plastic. It is most often used for holding those pieces of paper on your fridge that you feel you should be looking at often, they just tend to become part of the fridge after a while... It is also known to be used to keep those photos to remind you of moments with friends or family - or to remind them of those times! Or for - like what my friend uses hers for- to hold up the cosmo calendar of the hottest men for year ahead!

So what ever you use your fridge magnets for - here's one type that you can add to your collection:


It was made by a supporter of onematchtstick- and she generously gave me a whole whack of them! So if you’d like one, contact me to organise collection/delivery!

Have a fab weekend!

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