31 Mar 2008

I wanted to write about the GRID last Friday - but the rumour of Kyle coming to South Africa totally sidetracked me. It's still got me asking every person I meet if they've heard anything about this gossip.

Anyway, so back to the GRID.

I went last Thursday night to the 27 dinner in Melrose Arch and what a fun evening! I met Simon there who was telling me about the GRID and how nifty it is. I - being the closet geek that I am - had no idea what he was talking about. So Simon, in his funky psychedelic orange shirt (which I just had to have!) suggested I get onto the GRID to experience it for myself.

"Sms 'grid' to 33313 to join" he chirped cheerfully. Jon and Mike were there too, so we all pulled out our cell phones to get going!

But what a laugh!

I smashed the screen of my niiice nokia in December last year when I was roller-blading along Durban beachfront with Rodrigus. You see, I'm a bit of a hazard on my blades as I like the speed- really I do! I can get up quite a bit of momentum on them, but I haven't quite mastered the art of stopping. So collisions with what ever can help stop me in an emergency often seem to happen. And on one such instance my phone didn't survive.

So now I have my brothers old hand-me-down nokia from the dark ages until I get my upgrade in a few months.

So yes, laugh at me like I laughed at myself, along with Simon and Jon and Mike, at my eagerness to get onto the GRID which quickly turned into a wish to transform my dinosaur into a flashy, just released, super-duper WAP enabled cellular device! I think I might have even turned a light shade of Simon's t-shirt too in between the chuckles and comments!

So now this is the problem. I've heard about the GRID and how it can show you where your fab friends are, as well as nifty images and stories of what's around the very spot you stand on in that moment. But I can't actually experience it to find out if it is as exciting and neat as it sounds!

So would you be willing to get onto the GRID and check it out for me and then leave a comment here as to what you think of it? Is it worth me getting my cell phone upgraded ASAP?

Thanks. This closet geek will be grateful. ;)

Telana and Tequilla
PS- that's me in the photo in Simon's T with my poodle contemplating my dinosaur
and it's unfortunate inability to get onto the GRID

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