28 Mar 2008

I was chatting to Ken today at a SA Business Hub coffee group. It was the second time I've met him. He's into bartering too, but in some more formal kind of way using the net. I'm going to meet up with him sometime soon to learn more about this online trading system he's involved in- sounds just up my alley, don't you think? I'll tell you more after I learn about it.

Best part of our chat, though, was when he let a little rumour out- that Kyle MacDonald might be coming to visit South Africa soon- like this year sometime! How awesome would that be?!

For those that don't understand my excited enthusiasm and twittering at the possibility of meeting Kyle- here's the facts: he's the creative individual who inspired me to start onematchstick; He was trading a red paperclip at the time, and got to his goal of turning it into a house; He's since written a book about that adventure too!

I'll hopefully get to chinwag with Kyle in person and that'll be fun! And not to mention it'll save me a trip to Canada to tick off my goal!

Until I find out more, let me know if you hear anything to confirm this rumour! Ok?


PS- I emailed Kyle too to see if there's some substance behind the rumour. Will keep you updated as he lets me know!

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