27 Mar 2009

And I'm one of the first to own an alien poken! Here's the story.

Don't you just love those evenings that start out with no plans, and unexpectedly turn out to be such great evenings? I had one such evening last night.

Mike sent out a reminder via facebook and Carl on twitter, that the 27diner was happening last night on the 26th because of the cricket today. I happened to be in Sandton finishing off a meeting, so spontaneously decided to pop by Capello's to say hi, planning to just stay for a bit and then head home.

Turns out the format was an unconference, and they were asking for speakers from those who attended to take part, and who would get 270 seconds to share something interesting. Lantz and Christopher put my name down to talk about onematchstick. So it's their entire fault that I own an alien poken now! (PS- Thanks guys :o) )

There were many interesting topics, like Christopher who shared how he manages companies' online reputations, and Heidi who turned off the lights during her talk in support of Earth Hour on Saturday. Lantz shared about all the smells he experiences on his scooter as he zips through the traffic to work every day, and I learnt the story of Madam Zingara from Marcel just before he dazzled us with his magic! We even heard about yummy VitaminWater and I got to sample the orange flavour. Sweeet!

There was a prize for the best speech, and I was voted as the winner! So Tim and Amor of Poken.co.za let me choose my poken and showed me how to work it. I went for this green monster, but the bee and panda bear were cute too!

My alien poken

Poken is a nifty gadget that lets you share your contact and social networking details with others who poken, in just a few seconds. Only thing is I feel like the first person who owned a fax machine must have felt like... So I need you to get a poken too, so when we meet, and I ask "do you poken?" I'll get an excited nod from you and I can show off my little green alien! Ok?

What a great evening- thanks 27dinner, and Poken.co.za for my alien!

3 Responses so far.

  1. Finally a thank you! I look forward to one day tap my poken with you...wait that sounds a bit wrong, don't you think?

  2. Snowgoose says:

    Thanks for the link-love Telana, your story is absolutely awesome and so inspiring!

    Enjoy your poken, I've ordered one so we'll 'Poken' the next time we see each other! :)

  3. Dave says:

    I love Poken so much I ended up starting to sell it online! haha. Poken rox! Oh, no, sorry, I'm not trying to do the spamming-link-building thing. It's genuine. I wanna buy and keep to myself, one of each, but haven't quite made enough sales yet :P

    If you keen to check it out you can go to: http://www.ilovepoken.co.za

    Dave Coates
    mail: info@ilovepoken.co.za

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