22 Nov 2009

Mongezi hooked me up with Chuma Kave. Chuma sounds like a rock star- his passion is daydreaming and daring- what an awesome combination. He also believes he is the CHOSEN ONE- seriously! So I look forward to meeting him in person one day, then I can say I've met the Chosen One, Chuma Kave himself.

But seriously, I'd like to meet him one day and chat more, because Chuma's also into helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses and uplifting rural communities through technology- subjects I'm into too. He's also created the Kave Foundation which focuses on empowering the youth through education, and is going to be involved with the Global Entrepreneurship Week in 2010.

Anyway, so Chuma phoned me up early on Tuesday 10th November for my interview on Radio 2000's super fantastic 'Super Fantastic Breakfast Show', which he produces. I went on air with Just-Ice Ramohlola. He's known as the "Ice God", so I think that's why Chuma and Just-Ice make a good team: The Ice God and the Chosen One on the same team can only be a hit!

It was a great chat with Just-Ice, and you'll hear at the end of the interview he talks about there being a "growing number of these people, philantropreneurs". He mentions that, because just a few weeks before he had interviewed my friend Adin who's doing a 'NO MONEY REQUIRED' experiment for 5 years.

And to now add to this list, there is also another South African, Sonja Kruse, choosing to live without money and show how Ubuntu is alive in our country, and she started her journey just 22 days ago with R100 in her pocket.

So with all these philantropreneuers, as Just-Ice calls us, popping up, have a listen to my chat with the Ice God himself on Radio 2000 by clicking here.


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  1. Telana says:

    Chuma emailed me this comment:

    Hey Telena. All those things you say about me, it's too much but thank you.

    I'm really pushing my foundation next year we hope to do bigger things. I'm no longer calling it Kave Foundation from this week I'm calling The Freedom Winners.

    South Africa can only be carried by young people who believe that freedom has brought them possibilities that are way beyond measure. Those who don't have time to dwell on the past but realising the sacrifices of the past have brought them the possibilities of today. Possiblities that will not only bring them an amazing future but will also take care of the future generation. These are Freedom Winners.

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