6 Dec 2009

Lewis Khoury has come to the T-shirt trading party with a super 3-Way Trade and offered to deliver 60 of his JumpStart books to anyone for them to distribute them as they see fit. All he wants is one T-shirt in return. Just one.

Lewis's dream has been to communicate with the youth that are entering the workforce and give them not only the crucial information they need in making career choices, but also to inspire them! And his dream has created the JumpStart handbook which is now in its 5th publication.

This book covers topics like:

  • Time management
  • Studying effectively
  • Info on all the universities in South Africa
  • How to JumpStart your career- everything from self evaluation tools to opportunities to barriers of fear
  • How to start your own business
  • How to budget and save
  • Buying versus renting a home
  • Writing a will
  • Depression
  • Gangs and bullying
  • HIV and AIDs
  • Politics and Voting
  • The environment
Gosh, the list of topics and useful resources just goes on and on!

So if you're interested in getting 60 copies of this book for the cost of one T-shirt (R183), to hand out and use as you want, then CALL ME and let's make a three-way trade:

You get 60 JumpStart books!
Lewis gets a T-shirt!
I get another T-shirt traded!

One Response so far.

  1. Telana says:

    Chris contacted me and he would love the books for his Bookshelf Project (read about it here: http://jozi7degrees.blogspot.com/2009/08/bookshelf-and-learning-project.html)
    Only it's a charity so he doesnt have the R183 for the T-shirt to make this happen. Anyone out there willing to donate the R183 so the 60 books can go sit on the bookshelves in informal settlements where the children are learning to read?
    Come- let's make this a 4 way trade where 60 children will be impacted!! Call me on 0837302979

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