6 Dec 2009

Shamillah Wilson attended the Cape Town Premiere of the onematchstick Movie, and she has made a very generous offer as a three-way Trade with me.

She's offered four coaching sessions for one T-shirt!

Shamillah is a qualified business coach based in Cape Town and is quite an entrepreneur herself. She has more than ten years experience in leadership development, management and human development. She has worked for the educational sector (UCT), government, and for corporates nationally and internationally. You can read more about her coaching business here, to work out if you'd like to be coached by her.

She's offered four sessions, as she has found from her experience that clients get the best results from a couple of sessions.

If you're not sure if you'd like to be coached, consider how Shamillah describes her coaching and it's benefits:

What is Coaching?
Coaching is a process where the client – an individual or and organisation – identifies a goal or vision and is supported with tools and shifts in awareness that inspires commitment and action necessary to attain the goal.

What are the benefits?
A client can enhance the quality of life by:

  • Experiencing greater focus, clarity and purpose
  • Improving performance in all areas of life, business and career
  • Increasing power and confidence
  • Eliminating stress and worry
  • Provoking breakthroughs
  • Achieving goals one could never reach alone
  • Being more organized and prioritising
  • Taking control of one's destiny
How does this work?
  • by assessment
  • by goal setting
  • by coaching
  • by impact assessment
Shamillah provides these coaching interventions:
  • Executive Coaching, in which executive are supported through powerful personal and professional development, learning and performance.
  • Entrepreneur Coaching, whereby entrepreneurs are supported to become effective and reach greater levels of achievement and power in establishing their businesses. Entrepreneurs are also offered business support through strategic business plans.
  • Life Coaching makes individuals become self-aware and empowered in order to make positive changes in their lives through achieving greater balance establishing powerful relationships.
So if you'd like to explore being coached for four sessions with Shamillah in exchange for one T-shirt purchase, then please CALL ME!

You'll get to change your life,
Shamillah will get a T-shirt,
And I’ll get another T-shirt traded!

It's a win-win-win!

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