17 Sep 2010

Do you want to market your product or service to Students?

Marc Kornberger of Student Village is offering a most amazing offer! It's un-be-liev-able!

I spoke at Student Village's inspiring "Women's Leadership Conference" a few weeks ago, where I bartered my way to fly to the conference in Durban and Cape Town. At the conference here in Jozi, I met Marc. He is Student Village's specialist in marketing to students and in career development.

He's been super helpful and has even included me in their blog crammed.co.za (see if you can find the matchstick!) and he has nominated me to speak at this years TedX Johannesburg conference in November. Wow, I sure will be getting over my fear of public speaking at this rate!

So, back to Marc's unbelievable offer:

He's offered a months worth of online advertorial or to run a competition on their Student Village website, in exchange for just ONE of my Springleap T-shirts!

Yes- just one! That means you get the value of R9500 worth of online marketing direct to students for one month – that is, for the cost of just R183.00.

How lovely!

The Student Village website gets over 2 million views a month and is a hot property for brands wanting to target students.

So- first come first served with this one!

So if you want to advertise to students for a month- CALL ME 0837302979.

You'll get R9500 worth of online advertising for just R183
Marc of Student Village will get a Springleap T-shirt
I'll be one more T-shirt closer to my goal!


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