26 Feb 2011

After I took part in Africa's first No Pants train ride in January, I found out about Charlie Todd of improveverywhere.

He started the No Pants ride 10 years ago, and was heading to South Africa to give a talk at the Design Indaba in Cape Town. And the most exciting part – he was going to run one of his MP3 Experiments! I just had to take part!

So I booked my flight and last weekend flew to Cape Town to surprise George, and then take part in the MP3 experiment, and got to meet Charlie.

Charlie Todd and Telana

All I knew before taking part in the MP3 Experiment was that:

  • I had to be in a park in Camps Bay on Sunday 20 February in the afternoon,
  • with a specific MP3 downloaded onto my iPod,
  • my watch synchronised,
  • wearing a red, yellow, green or blue T-shirt (of course I wore the official onematchstick red T!),
  • with a deflated balloon,
  • ready to hit play on my iPod and do whatever Steve, the voice I would hear, told me to do!
At 15h00 I hit play and for 45 minutes had the most fun I have ever had with over 400 strangers!
The Epic Battle- our opponents

We had thumb wars, hugged trees, high-fived passerby's, danced like it was 2020, took power naps, played human twister, hugged, played tag, had moments of freezing then jumping, square-danced, made a human dartboard based on our coloured T-shirts, had an Epic Battle using our balloons as weapons, and ended with a meditation!

Here's my video as a participant, with a bit with Charlie explaining what it's all about.

(Youtube video here)

And for the official video, go here, and spectator photos go here.

Now I wish I had my own jet plane because I heard that Charlie is organising a Freeze today in Cape Town, and I would so love to go and take part!

Seeing as though I don't have a jet plane, I guess I'll just have to envy Cape Townians who can take part, and start planning a Freeze for us here in Joburg (hey Charlie- you keen?).

So if you are keen to know about this kind of wackiness, then make sure you follow me @telana or on Facebook to find out about the next one.

It's super fly fun!

Telana wearing her disguise

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