22 Feb 2011

I am still looking for people who will trade with me for one of my T-shirts, and I have just 119 more people to find!

Sonja aka the Ubuntu Girl had started a onematchstick joke Competition and is looking for the best joke about matchsticks by the end of the time- that's by Friday 18 March!

She is offering the winning joke a Springleap T-shirt of your choice!

So tell us your joke! To get you going, here is one Sonja came up with:

What did onematchstick say to the other matchsticks?

Buy a Springleap T-shirt!

So what joke can you come up with? Post it as a comment on this blog, or onto the onematchstick facebook page and enter to win a Springleap T-shirt!

May the funniest joke win!


One Response so far.

  1. martijn says:

    You also sticking around?

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