27 Feb 2011

Here's is another superb 3-way Trade for those who want to support me and don't want one of my T-shirts. Perhaps you'd like a private Argentine Tango lesson?

Erik has just made the following offer:

Hi Telana

To support your matchstick mania for one Monday, in exchange for a t-shirt I will offer a private one hour Argentine Tango lesson at my studio Tango la Plata, in Bryanston. One lesson costs R350, but will be exchanged for one t-shirt. The lesson is for either a single person or a couple. Offer limited to one lesson per person/couple, but they may buy gifts for friends.

Let me know how best to promote this.

Erik Peers
Here is Erik dancing with Natasha- so you can get a taste of this beautiful dance.

How Three Way Trades work:

  • An item or service is offered to me, for one or more of my T-shirts.
  • You then decide you want that item or service (in this case the Tango lesson),
  • and then pay for the relevant number of T-shirts (in this case one Tshirt, which is R219)
    which are sent to the person who offered the item or service (in this case, to Erik)
  • The person (Erik) then delivers the item or service to you.

So, if you would like a private lesson for yourself, or for you and your dance partner, it will cost you just R219 (the cost of one of my Springleap T-shirts)!

All you need to do is CALL ME 0837302979 or pop me an email onematchstick@gmail.com so we can finalise this 3-way trade!

  • You'll get a private Argentine Tango lesson from Erik in Bryanston, Johannesburg
  • Erik will get a Springleap T-shirt
  • I'll be one T-shirt closer to my offices

(PS- for the list of all the 3-way trades currently on offer, check out this page)

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