4 Aug 2011

Come join us for an evening of ADVENTURE with our special guest speaker:

Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks (FEAT) is to adventurous pursuits as TED Talks are to... well, everything else. FEAT, an evening of time-limited talks by South African adventurers, was created and launched last year by adventure racer Lisa de Speville.

In this talk Lisa will go through FEAT's unique format - one that makes it so dynamic, captivating and inspiring - as well as a new FEAT 'product' - FEAT Award.

She'll also talk about making that adventure happen - the one that has been in your mind and heart for years - and she'll deal with sponsorship issues too.

And if a two, three or six month adventure is really not an option, she'll tempt you to consider microadventures close to home.

You're welcome to toss any questions about adventure racing and trail running her way - she'll gladly answer.
Adventure Talk by Lisa de Speville

Over the past 12 years, Lisa de Speville has immersed herself in adventure racing and trail running - including staged, ultra and mountain running. She writes about these sports; she participates in events locally and abroad; she runs workshops, courses and an adventure racing club; and she organizes a variety of events - whatever catches her fancy. She's the owner and editor of Adventure Racing, South Africa's adventure racing website and the creator of FEAT. FEAT is very much the accumulation of more than a decade of racing, playing and meeting people as well as her love of reading books on adventures and expeditions.

Date: Tuesday 30 August
Time: 19H00 to 20h00
Venue: Sekolo sa Borokgo School, 45 Susman Ave, Blairgowrie, Randburg

Cost: R50 entrance fee
Proceeds will go towards onematchstick.co.za to help Telana complete her current trade of T-shirts.

RSVP: Telana on onematchstick@gmail.com or 083 730 2979
Jarrod on jarrodlevenstein@gmail.com​ or 084 588 0565

Bring friends and family and enjoy an exciting adventurous evening with us!

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