6 Sep 2012

...who’s having a mid-life crisis and loves rock concerts!

Yes. That’s the criteria. 

And because that’s the criteria, I’ve been reading up about the concept of  “mid-life crisis”. Now I’m convinced even more that some guy who is somewhere in the middle of his life and is having a little wobble from realizing that fact, and so is in transition and wanting to experience more of life, would be interested in my latest “life experience” up for trade.

Wikipedia says he’d be experiencing feelings of searching for “an undefined dream or goal” and have a “desire to achieve a feeling of youthfulness”.  He’d also be behaving in a way that acquires “unusual or expensive items such as motorbikes, boats, clothing, sports cars, jewelry, gadgets, tattoos, piercings, etc.”

So the “Rock the House” experience provides an awesome way to feel like a teenager again, one who’s attending their first rock concert. Only this is even better as you get to go “back stage” any time and hang with the rock stars!  Plus they will come to your after party, and bring the DJ!

What a goal it would be to find a way to trade with me for this opportunity. And, I’m hoping this Man’s always had a secret little dream of having his own rock concert!

Another indication that he’d be a possible candidate for me to trade with is the sign of a mid-life crisis which is that the person plays just to play.  Also he does mischievous things that appear out of character, surprising people who know him. 

WONDERboom "Rock the House" offer

So throwing a rock concert at his home for all his friends, and having such a party till the wee hours of the morning with WONDERboom (who know how to party!), would be such a fit.

So, are you this Man?  Or do you know him?

If so, get in touch with me and make me an offer for the “Rock the House” experience with WONDERboom!

Even if you don’t know what to offer me, but you want this experience to ease through your mid-life crisis – call me (+27837302979)! We’ll find a way to trade!

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