16 Apr 2014

Going up the lifts to the theatre, with the bell ringing to let us know that the show was about to start, I bumped into Wade and Martin of WONDERboom.   Not too surprising that they were there as well to see Queen at the Ballet, as their lead singer, Cito was in the show, (which was a wonderful show – so if you missed it, you missed out!)

I caught up a bit with them and kinda invited myself to gatecrash their next practice session.

And so I did.

Last night I got to hang out with the guys and meet their new drummer, Jonathan Bell aka Jono, as they worked on their set for their upcoming gigs.

I arrived as they just started a tune, that I learnt was Waterfall by one of their favourite bands, The Stone Roses.  (Yeah, I know- where have I been that I hadn’t come across The Stone Roses till now!). 

The room they were practicing in was pretty sound proof, as I could hear them from inside, like a radio had been left on.  But it was nothing like being inside, with all the electric guitars and speakers and drum set full blast!

They went through some of their set, and spent quite a bit of time on Waterfall as they’ll be doing it as a cover at Splashy Fen this weekend.  I feel like I know Waterfall really well now, noticing which guitar played which bits and when, and how all the band members worked together to produce such foot tapping, soul bouncing tunes!

And I couldn't help but smile at the improv bits in between.  It was all a great example of how practice makes perfect, and hard work pays off!

Now if you trade with me, you’d also get to have a rock concert of your own, in your own backyard, with WONDERboom.  And you’re going to have to invite the neighbours, as there will be no soundproofing of the tunes then!

Thanks WONDERboom for letting me gate crash your practice session!  I had such fun :) 

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