25 Jul 2006

The 702 Walk the Talk team

People are funny – we’ll drive for over 20 minutes, some for nearly 2 hours in the traffic jams, and converge on one place, to then go for a walk with 27 999 other people, only to then get back in our cars, sit in the traffic jams again, and go back home. Megan, the owner of one ordinary green pen of the ballpoint variety (which, by the way, she says has been most useful in editing her thesis!) pointed this out, and that I’m one of those funny people- I just love the vibe that so many people and their dogs can create, all jolly and laughing and promoting some kind of cause or business (as you can see by all the T-shirts- I was thinking that I should have got organised with a t-shirt that had ONEMATCHSTICK.CO.ZA all over it.) Yip, a bunch of us from Jozi7degrees went for a stroll on Sunday at the Discovery 702 Walk the Talk 2006- we did the 5 km, and what fun!

We passed Baby Jake on the way, he was being interviewed by a TV Crew, so I didn’t get to speak to him,

Baby Jake joins in

...and the guy in the front of this photo is also a TV star- does anyone know who he is?entrepreneurial genius

And see how ingenious people are- these guys were selling Lemonade for R2
to all the thousands of walkers going by!

Out of the 27 999 people there, I only bumped into one person I knew (besides
my friends who walked with me) being Mike from DM Kisch Inc– the last time I
saw Mike was in the boardroom of his offices, when we were discussing some exciting
business opportunities! Nice to see you Mike!

Mike of DM Kisch Inc


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