25 Oct 2006

I'm back!

And I'm blogging again! Wohoo!

Funny thing is I've missed blogging- I didn't realise how much I actually enjoy it till I haven't been able to. How cliché- "you don't know what you've got until you lose it" kinda thing. Mmmm.

So the UK was superb! I had a great time, it was a lot of travelling and seeing old friends and family that I haven't seen in years, but what fun! And we drove a lot, and there's no better place I find to do some serious thinking about nothing much and everything, than when you are a passenger in some form of transport- a car, a bus or a train preferably. Flying is a time for watching movies…

Rodrigus the Frog joined me, and and we’ve started blogging here about the places we went to and the people we met, like I've got to introduce you to the T.H.K . (that's Town Hall Keeper) of Berwick-Upon-Tweed!

When I got back I had an email waiting for me about a very exciting project- and the cut off date is only a few days away! And as of yesterday they were 600 away from their target.

1000drawings is asking for people to donate drawings to them that will be sold to raise money for a charity called Paballo, which feeds homeless people and provides them with basic medical care.

The idea is that on one night- being the 16th November, 1000 drawings will be exhibited at the old Security Building on Commissioner Street and sold for R100 each. And the drawings will be from anyone and everyone!

So will there be a drawing from you??

I'm going to do one drawing using a matchstick of some kind, and go drop it off at the drop-off point, being King James advertising agency, Hutton Court (first floor, north wing) , Jan Smuts Avenue, Hyde Park, Johannesburg by the 1st November. Keen to join me?? You can see some of the art that has been delivered already here. And let me know if you do send in a drawing!


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