1 Oct 2006

Well, it's been a very busy few weeks- those that know me know that I am always busy, but these last 2 weeks and especially last week was more hectic than usual!

You see, I am in the UK for a whirlwind visit, and had so much to do before I left Jozie last Friday for Heathrow. I've come over with my Mom, specifically to see my brother and his wife for a family occassion! And finally found some access to the net...

Today we've explored Manchester where my brother lives, and what a vibey city it is! Did you know that they are trying to make the entire city Internet friendly, so you could just wi-fi your way around anywhere, anytime? even in a park? I'm not sure if "wi-fi" is a word, but you know what I mean.

We are in York right now, spent some time walking around and in the Cathedral- I'll have to show you some photo's later! Rodrigus came along for the trip too, so I'm sure there will be stories on his blog when we get a chance to upload some pics for a bit!

Tomorrow we're off to Berwick-Upon-Tweed for the family occasion.

While I'm here I'm hoping to spread the word about one matchstick ... got lots of friends to meet up with and get them trading with me... Wouldn't it be cool if I traded the 'Holiday in Utopia' while I am here? mmmmm

Something else that has been intersting, is Nina Simone has been following me around... seriously! I have heard her singing all over the show: on the airplane, in the restaurants, in the hostel we're at tonight, on the radio, on my brothers CD, in CD shops as I pass by ... not that I'm complaining though- she's brilliant! Escpecially her song "Feeling good"...

Well better go, I'm running out of internet time

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