20 Nov 2006

And why are they on this phone line?

I made a new friend last week- Simon :) And as it's such a small world: it turns out he lives a block away from me when he's in South Africa, but has been living all over the world for the last 10 years or more. So during his stay here last week, we were on our way back from joining a group of friends to see Black Mamba at the Theatre on the Square- which, by the way, is very funny and worth seeing! - and I pointed out these shoes hanging on the telephone line at the intersection of Summit Road and Coleraine Road, Bryanston.

Now, here's the puzzle. I got back from my stint in Australia 6 years ago- 2000- and one of the first things I remember noticing, besides the number of new shopping centres that had sprouted up all over the show, was the one pair of shoes hanging here in this intersection. Simon reckons though that the pair of shoes was there 15 years ago! No ways I say! I was here in Jo'burg 15 years ago and don't remember the shoes. So can you help settle this little debate?

And it gets more interesting- because I went passed and took a photo of THE pair of shoes last Wednesday... here it is:

The shoes in the intersection, travelling towards Sandton

... and then on Thursday I noticed a second pair of shoes that had just been thrown up there... here they are:

The two pairs of shoes in the intersection, travelling north

So I know that the second pair have been there for a few days... We're more keen to know when the first pair arrived at their home? And does anyone know why they are there? What's with these shoes?

2 pairs of shoes hanging on a line..

Leave a comment here with when you first saw these shoes, and anything you know about them! Please! Otherwise Simon and I will be debating this for ages...

Thanks a lot!
Telana banana

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