15 Jun 2006

There’s a first for everything. And today is the day I did my first trade. And it’s the first time I traded one matchstick. And it’s a first time too that I traded one matchstick with an internal auditor. Actually it’s a first that I traded anything with an internal auditor!

I just got off the phone with Nikki Viljoen and accepted her offer for her ordinary green pen of the ballpoint variety, for my one matchstick of the sliver of dead tree with a sulphur head variety.

I love green pens- I remember using a green Bic pen at school and varsity… somehow the green ink was far more exciting than black and blue ink. The teachers didn’t appreciate that though. Nowadays I prefer a sharp HB pencil- not those clicky ones, but the kinda pencil you got to sharpen with a spiffy sharpener of sorts.

So Nikki was busy in a meeting- but felt this trade was also important so thank you Nikki for taking my call! She’ll be sending a photo shortly of her ordinary green pen of the ballpoint variety so you can see it soon. I’ll be going to make the trade officially next Tuesday at her INNER Circle meeting, so that should be fun!

So who likes ordinary green pens of the ballpoint variety? Who could do with one? As Nikki pointed out, “the green pen and/or green ink is used exclusively by Auditors world wide” and so if you trade with me, you’ll join the ranks of esteemed auditors like Nikki Viljoen and get to make your scribbles in green ink. Or maybe you’re an Internal or External Auditor and need a green pen? Or maybe you’re just like me and dig the funkiness of writing in green?

Whatever your reason, just note that if you use this ordinary green pen of the ballpoint variety at work… you may get into trouble if you’re not the auditor (and one matchstick takes no responsibility for the consequences of using this ordinary green pen of the ballpoint variety). So send me your offers for one ordinary green pen of the ballpoint variety to onematchstick@gmail.com

One Response so far.

  1. Zhenn says:

    Hello T,

    Like the concept alot... Got some stuff I want to get rid of, so expect a trade from me in the near future.

    Good luck,

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