21 Jan 2007

Yes! I drove past the spot today and ALL the shoes have gone! Including the one pair that we were trying to work out how long they had been there for... I wonder if it was that hectic hailstorm that we had a few days ago that knocked them off... or if someone actually took them down...

And it's not the only place that I have seen shoes hanging on a line... last Friday I went to Rustenburg to the Platinum Mines for a big project I am doing there, and on the way I passed Diepsloot and saw these shoes on a line:

More shoes on a line

So there must be a reason people throw shoes up there to hang for ages until some force takes them down again.

Anyways... on my way back from Rustenburg, I was behind this caravan for a bit:

Driving along...

and notice what he does not do! (you might have to click on the photo to get a larger version to read it). And he meant it- he never budged one bit! lol!

Have a fab week!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, a little bird once told me that shoes on a line are an indication of a place that you can get stuff to expand your mind...

  2. Craig says:

    But then again... Some shoes appeared at an intersection near my place (and were removed by our friendly neighbourhood maintenance crews before I got there with my camera). BUT, this was a few months after the area stopped being used as a local dealing spot.

    Our shoes were more likely related to the nearby Melville pubs...

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