6 Oct 2009

Our next full day of shooting 4 scenes for the onematchstick movie was on Wednesday 30 September. Our first location was Solly Kramers in Parkhurst, where Wally of Solly allowed us to use an aisle to do our filming. Wally's the manager, and he's a cool guy, letting us take over an aisle like that... and he offers a good price on First Sighting, so we heard.

Nick and Telana

Nick was his charming self as usual. In between scenes, he was telling us about the story of how First Sighting got its name, from way back when that dude Bartholomeu Diaz was trying to get to the East and had literally a 'first sighting' of the Cape. Nick also got us up to speed with the happenings at Strandveld Vineyards since I traded the 2 books with him for 2 cases of his First Sighting wine. They have a new range of Standveld wines, including the Strandveld Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc. The Strandveld Sauvignon Blanc has won quite a few awards, including the Gold Medal for the 2008 SA Young Wine Show. You go Nick!

Jarrod filming Nick of First Sighting wine

This was the first time during the filming of the onematchstick movie that Jarrod pulled out his dolly from his car. It's awesome how creative these creative guys can be: with a few plastic pipes and old skateboard parts you can have a nifty, little, portable dolly that does the trick just right.

The filming of the 'books for wine' trade went quite quickly, and next thing I know I'm sitting in the car park with Jarrod and we're scheming if we can fit in another shoot before we meet with DJ Al for his scene.

We did manage to fit in filming my first trade: the matchstick for the ordinary green ballpoint pen that I traded with Nikki. We filmed this scene in my mom's office and we even got tea and biscuits (thanks Mom and Sally!).

Jarrod and Telana filming the first trade- a matchstick for a pen

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