10 Oct 2009

Next, on our day of filming, we zooted off to Melville to the funky Transky to meet up with DJ Al your Pal to shoot the trade I made with him: 1x Hot Air Balloon Flight for 1x Party.

Within a few minutes DJ Al had his deck all set up and we were bopping to some cool tunes as Jarrod set up his dolly and got the lighting just right. I got a chance to spin the decks too, after DJ Al gave me a brief lesson. Man, that was fun, playing around with the beat and all those buttons, experimenting with what little knob did what! I can see why DJ's have such a great time when they're tuning the tunes.

Jarrod filiming DJ Al doing making his music!

It was great too to catch up with DJ Al. Since we traded a lot has happened for him: he's got engaged, bought a super duper super bike, and created his own group on Facebook. He's the King of Entertainment and it's worth joining his group! Because if you're a member and get them a confirmed booking for one of their Karaoke DJ's, you get a R500 drinking tab on DJ Al's account! Sweeeet!

DJ Al still hasn't been yet for his flight in the hot air balloon- so I hope he gets some time in his hectic schedule to fit it in. I'm glad though that he managed to fit in the shooting of his scene in the onematchstick movie- it's a great scene, and an even better one because of his personal appearance! Thanks DJ Al, my pal!

Telana and DJ Al

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