19 Oct 2009

Passersby passing by

If you saw my latest mischievous act, and haven't heard of onematchstick before this, then you might be wondering why I graffiti'd "trade with me".

I believe... well it's more than a belief... I know like I know like I know that there are 302 more people out there who'd love a new funky springleap.com designer T-shirt and who'd support me in trading with me for one of the 375 T-shirts I have to trade. So I'm trying to find those 302 people (I've already traded 73 T-shirts, so at the time of writing this I have 302 T-shirts left to trade).

You see, I'm aiming to turn a matchstick into an office through a series of trades, where each trade gets bigger and bigger in perceived value, and takes me closer to my end goal of getting offices.

I've done 9 trades so far and for my tenth trade, I am trading the t-shirts on individually. So if you want to be part of this and trade with me, send me an email and read the instructions here on how to do the trade with me.

Are you one of the 302 people I am looking to find?

Carol and Telana- the Mischief Makers

( PS- this is my accomplice Carol who helped me with doing the graffiti, and me!)

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