6 Dec 2009

I've had a few accomplices over the years who have helped me with my mischief making, especially with my graffiti antics.

Now I found a fellow mischief maker who had some graffiti of his own to graffiti. And I just couldn't help get involved ;)

Adin is living without money so through his network of friends, he got a friend to help out and pay for the spraypaint and she got one of Donna the Fairy Godmother's workshops in return. That's how Adin rolls: you help him; he adds value back to you somehow. Check out his blog to learn more!

I also wanted to rope in Carol- she didn't know she had a graffiti artist in her until I asked her to help me a few weeks ago with these bits of mischief, and now she just can't wait for me to call her and say the walls been painted white and we need to go get up to mischief again. So if anyone wants something painted on their wall- let me know and I'll get you in touch with Carol- it will make her day!


So Adin found out where to get the real deal graffiti spray paint, and we headed off to Rasty's shop 'Grayscale' in Braamfontein. Rasty's one of South Africa's, even the world's, top graffiti artists, (check out his masterpieces here) and it was so cool to meet him. He's the man to hook you up with spray paint if you ever need some! Go visit him at 35A De Korte Street, corner with Henri Street, in Braamfontein sometime and say the 'matchstick girl says hi!

We went via the Pillars under the freeway in Newtown, Johannesburg for some inspiration, and boy- what inspiration it was! Go check out the pillars next time you're in that area!

Carol, by the pillars in Newtown, Johannesburg

Then we went and left our mark on the graffiti wall. What do you think of our mischief making?

Drive by of Adin's graffiti

Telana, Adin and Carol by Adin's graffiti message

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