17 Apr 2011

Stacey Rozen is an inspiring woman. She has a vision of connecting girls in Africa through using story telling through scarves.

She started a not-for-profit organization with a founding group of teen orphan girls in Soweto, called Story Scarves. The group of girls would spend Saturdays together with Stacey, sharing stories, being mentored and encouraged to express themselves creatively through making scarves and decorating them. These scarves then got distributed to other girls, each one with the story of the maker of the scarf. The girls who received the scarves then returned letters and photos of themselves. Through this creative expression and exchange, goodwill is being spread all over Africa and barriers are being broken.

Telana and Stacey of Story Scarves

Stacey got in touch as she has made an onematchstick story scarf, and has offered it for a three-way trade, for one of my springleap T-shirts.

Whoever takes up this offer, will be asked to pass on the scarf to a young girl, sharing the story of Stacey and Story Scarves, and of onematchstick, so that the inspiration and goodwill can be passed on.

The story depicted in this scarf is about how one matchstick, with some love, can turn into many matchsticks!
The onematchstick Story Scarf

So, if you'd like to help pass on this beautiful story scarf, then it will cost you just R219.
  • You'll get the onematchstick story scarf and the joy of passing this onto a young girl.
  • Stacey will get a Springleap T-shirt.
  • I'’ll have traded on one more of my T-shirts.
So CALL ME: 0837302979 and let's trade and spread some creative goodwill!

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