27 Apr 2012

The vision for my office is becoming clearer. 

Maybe it's because I've been working for more years now in my own business, and am even surer of the space I need to continue running Inner Coaching.

Maybe it's because I've been coaching more entrepreneurs, that I'm getting more of a sense of how the office I have been trading up for, is going to add value to them.

Maybe it's because I’ve been interacting with more budding entrepreneurs, like Thabo, who I just spent two hours with chatting about his challenges in putting his innovative start-up ideas into action, that my perseverance in getting the offices is not going to dwindle, and the reason for sharing the office is more apparent.

Maybe it's because I’ve been working on myself, getting coached around what my obstacles have been in moving forward, and in trying to answer the question so many people keep asking me "What kind of office do you want, Telana?" that it’s becoming clearer.

Maybe it's because I’m getting closer to it.

Whatever the reason, the darkness is clearing.  I'm getting glimpses of the wall as you walk in, that has "onematchstick" painted on it, and another with the business logos representing the dreams of value creation that are being sparked in this place.  And the space that is open and airy, that groups collaborate in to change perceptions, to learn, to create.  Of the small, intimate rooms where coaching unlocks potentials. Of the kitchen where smells of coffee and laughs of forming friendships wafts out of.  Of the buzz of deals being struck, of hands being shook, of "Eureka's", of proposals being sent, of thinking, of busy-ness from the desks and chairs.

I can't formulate yet how much space, or rooms it will be, or where the onematchstick office will be.  And that will come.  Because as I finish a big step for my own business, where so much of my energy has gone to in the last few weeks (in re-developing Inner Coaching's website), so that energy is wanting to go to getting out there to meet that next person I am going to trade WONDERboom's "Rock the House" experience with, who will take me one step closer to walking into the onematchstick office.

So thank you Thabo for asking so persistently and passionately to meet with me, and sharing your challenges.  Without realising it, you've given me another tiny but vital glimpse of my vision, to take forward on my journey.

Here's to visions! 

Now let's make them happen!

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