28 Oct 2010

Broken People

I'm grateful for my GPS on my phone. It helps me find my way through all the road works and detours on the highway, as I head south in the dark of night to find Broken People.

The blue line in the map on my phone finally ends at my destination, a church on the far side of town from where I grew up. I get out my car and the melody rocks it's way from their jamming session inside, all the way out into the parking lot. I move to the beat as I get my camera out, turn it on and start filming...

Broken People is a 5-piece melodic rock band consisting of Chris "Chuck" Naude, Justin Lawrence, Rob Band, Shaun Stols , Stephen Ghandi Scholtz and Vic Vermaak.

Their hope is to make music that lands at the doorstep of people's hearts, making it all the way there without being bullied by all the stuff that people put in the way.

Their songs are written from personal experience about life, love, being real and are meant to make you think. They also intend to inspire you to focus on what is really important. Oh, and to get you moving!

I ask them about their name. Justin explains that everybody has a brokenness about them from different events in their lives. The band is a bunch of broken people trying to live out what they feel is in their hearts and what they believe. They're about brokenness being ok. They're not perfect, and are going to be what they are- flawed from the start, and hope that their audiences can relate to them better.

I'm at ease in their warmth and genuineness, and laugh at their witty sense of humour. I leave with a feeling of acceptance that their message and music brings, a melody lingering in my mind and with some clear directions on how to find my way home. Directions that help be get back to the highway, where the road works have me doing a few figure of eights until I find myself back on the road heading north towards home.

And I smile - because Broken People are going to be playing at the SWARM Party.

Broken People

Come listen to their tunes too- Saturday 20 November at the Bluesroom in Village Walk.
VIP Tickets include entrance, a Springleap T-shirt and 2 Castles- book with me.

For more info check out the rocking Facebook event or the meetup event.

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