13 Sep 2012

I was chatting recently with Pepe Marais, who I traded with ages ago, and this conversation got me thinking:

Pepe's tweet

The outcome of my thinking:  Forget about candles. I’m going to burn this matchstick at both ends!

And by that I mean trade up and down. 

I've been trading up from a matchstick, so why not try trade down as well, from the other end, and see if I can meet in the middle?

With my end goal being an office, what if I could find the office now and then the person who will trade with me (for find the person and then the office), and find out what he or she would want for that space?

If I could do that, then I would go to the few people I know of, who want my Rock the House experience with WONDERboom but haven’t yet made me a formal offer, and see if they can offer me what the person who has the office wants.

And then voila! I could succeed!  It might take a few in between trading steps, but hey – burning the matchstick from both ends can only help... Can't it?

So via facebook, twitter and here on my blog I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks more about my dream onematchstick office.  And hoping it’ll help me find the last person I'll trade with, or spark a connection in your mind of someone you know who has premises to offer so you’ll make the introduction.

Cool – here goes...

Burning the matchstick at both ends

(Oh, and I’m going to continue looking for a Man having a mid-life crisis too!)

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